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Not sure what you should be in your daily SOAP notes?  Want an easy, reproducible format to use for your notes?  Check out the template!
Designed for students, fieldwork students, and new therapists. 

Fast, easy complete pediatric OT daily soap note template

What Therapists Say

“My life at work has been easy since I enrolled in your mentorship class.
Before the mentorship program, I was struggling day by day in documenting my daily notes which was taking up so much of my time. I was really hoping to make my life easier so I can have more quality time with my family and balance my life.
Did joining the program impact your OT practice or life in general? A big yes! I was able to manage my time wisely and daily/weekly treatment into more productive, less stressful, and creative, meaningful activities because of the program’s tips and strategies.
I learned The way I am supposed to work smart, not hard. Michele heard what matters to me most.
With my improved mood and improved quality time, work became easier and more manageable.
Member of The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap
“I really loved that you are very down to earth and easy to talk to. I always felt safe expressing my fears and discussing ideas with you. Technology was easy to use (payment, navigating website, accessing google meet appointments). Through this experience, I was able to grow a lot and be more versatile with my treatments and it pushed me to think outside the box.”
Pediatric OT Mentor Client
“The most beneficial parts of the mentorship program were having a sounding board and having someone that could help me zoom out to see the bigger picture of the services I am providing.
I am much more confident about the skills I have and have a better plan for moving forward.”
Pediatric OT Mentor Client
“I worked with Michele as a Physical Therapy Assistant for her company. Michele's temperament and professionalism puts patients and students at ease. She has the required skills knowledge to provide an evidence based approach to provide recommendations that will optimally meet individual needs. Her years of experience will also bring a wealth of knowledge to anyone she is mentoring. She demonstrates strong integrity and problem solving skills. She gives every patient and staff her full attention. In closing, Michele will make an excellent mentor and any facility will be lucky to have her.”
“I enjoyed the opportunity to have an open conversation about the reality of being a new grad. You asked some difficult questions but also gave me some tips and reassurance about things I wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable talking about with a colleague.”
New Grad OTR
“I worked both for Michele as an employee in her company as well as a therapy team member with our pediatric clients. I specifically applied for a PT position with her company because of the ethical and professional reputation they had created. I enjoyed working with her in a team approach with our clients because she had years of expertise in her field and a willingness to share and teach not only our clients but other team members. Michele listened to professional issues of clients/employees and responded with caring and practical suggestions.”
Physical Therapist
“Throughout my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several Occupational Therapists. Michele is among one of the best OTs I have had the privilege to work with. Her professionalism, creativity and clinical expertise is invaluable to all that have the opportunity to work with her.”
The mentoring process was very enjoyable and enlightening with Michele Schwartz.  Each session  I had opportunities to present cases, ask questions about treatment options and goals, engage in brainstorming activities and receive feedback. I found every minute of our hour long sessions extremely valuable . Michele provided concrete recommendations and posed thought provoking questions to foster my critical thinking skills. Michele drew from her wealth of pediatric experience in providing recommendations and feedback . Her easy-going manner made brainstorming ideas fun!  I am excited to be using my new skills. I am 100% satisfied with my mentoring experience. 
Pediatric OT Mentor Client

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Michele Schwartz pediatric occupational therapist

About Michele

I am a pediatric occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience in many different pediatric OT settings including schools, clinics, home health, early intervention, and teletherapy (prior to 2020!).  I have my master’s in occupational therapy from Tufts University and my bachelor’s in Psychology from Binghamton University. I am a certified life coach and certified business coach.  I was an early intervention agency owner and also owned a childcare franchise.  I now mentor occupational therapists online and love my job!

Articles for Parents

What Parents Say

“I am honored to recommend Michele to work with other families. She worked with all 3 of my children for several years. She is very understanding of families needs, treats each child as an individual, and has an extensive knowledge on how to treat them. She is an expert in the field and helped my boys so much! When I was looking for a new OT several years later, I reached out as I immediately hoped she was available again to work with our family.”
Mom of Premature Triplets
“Michele is a wonderful therapist. I could see from day one working with my child the passion she has for helping children and their families overcome obstacles. She has a nurturing, friendly personality, and goes out of her way to help her families find the tools needed for enrichment and growth. Michele is an excellent educator instilling therapies, skills, and ideas to maintain progress. She has good judgment and shows great determination whenever a difficult task is put in front of her. I never saw Michele stressed out or frustrated.
Michele is a strong-minded, energetic, capable individual who will be an amazing coach.”
Mom of Child with Autism
“Michele is a treasure! We started working with her 8 years ago after our son was diagnosed with autism. She was gentle and empathetic as we entered the world of autism, a bit scared and completely uninformed. She guided us with education and helped us to understand what our son needed! She was a gift to us then and would be a gift to any family lucky enough to receive her insight!”
Mom of Premature Triplets

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