Calendar Tips for Virtual Therapy Sessions!

Welcome to Post 3 in our ‘Start the Therapy Distance Learning Year Off Right' Series! Here are some tips when using your calendar for scheduling distance learning OT sessions! Or any sessions really. I used them for in-home Early Intervention sessions as well. Using these tips should increase session attendance with reminders, easy access to your therapy room link, and providing additional information in the email.

Google Calendar

After a session is scheduled, either through Calendly or manually on your calendar. Make sure you do the following:

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1 – Make the Session Repeating!

2 – Make Sure Your Therapy Room Link is There!

Make sure you test it out!

3 – Add Reminders!

Make sure they are EMAIL reminders so the family also receives them.

I like to set these at 1 day and also 10 minutes before each session.

4 – Add any other Details

Into the description. This can be about timing, materials, logging on, if a parent needs to be present, etc.

You can modify this on a weekly basis!

Microsoft Outlook Tips coming soon!

I hope this post in our ‘Start the Therapy Distance Learning Year Off Right' series is helpful!

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