Therapists Can Create Online Income: A Decision-Making Chart for Therapists

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In today's fast-paced world, you, as a rehabilitation professional such as a speech-language pathologist (SLP), occupational therapist (OT), or physical therapist (PT), need to diversify your income sources. Creating online income is key!

Balancing multiple roles and responsibilities can be overwhelming, but earning money online can make a significant difference. Not only does it boost your financial security, but it also creates opportunities for pursuing passion projects and achieving a better work-life balance.

In today's fast-paced world, you, as a rehabilitation professional such as a speech-language pathologist (SLP), occupational therapist (OT), or physical therapist (PT), need to diversify your income sources. Creating online income is key!

Balancing multiple roles and responsibilities can be overwhelming, but earning money online can make a significant difference. Not only does it boost your financial security, but it also creates opportunities for pursuing passion projects and achieving a better work-life balance.

To support you in this journey, a simple decision-making chart has been designed to help you choose an online income stream that aligns with your skills and interests.

See my advice getting started making money online at the end of this article!

Flowchart to help therapists to pick an online income stream

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Step 1: Identify Your Primary Interest

Your journey to creating online income and earning extra money starts with self-reflection. You should begin by identifying the area you are most passionate about:

  • Writing: For you who find joy in expressing thoughts through words.
  • Interacting with People: Ideal for you who thrive in one-on-one or group interactions.
  • Sharing Knowledge: For you who love educating and disseminating information.

Step 1 of creating a online income stream is all about self-reflection and identifying where your passions lie. It's crucial to choose an area that not only interests you but also plays to your strengths, as this will make the process more enjoyable and sustainable in the long run.


If you have a knack for writing, this pathway can be incredibly fulfilling way to create online income. Writing allows you to express your thoughts, share your professional experiences, and connect with a broader audience. Writing can become a more passive income stream over time.

Whether you're crafting in-depth articles, developing therapeutic guides, or penning a book, writing provides a platform to share your knowledge and insights. This medium not only helps others by providing valuable information but also establishes you as an expert in your field. Consider what topics you are most passionate about and how you can turn them into written works that benefit others and generate income.

I love writing, thus I love blogging. Building passive income streams through writing is a long game, but I am here to show you how to do it.

a person writing in a notebook: create online income by writing

Interacting with People

For those who excel in and enjoy direct interaction, this category offers immense potential. From one-on-one coaching to leading group workshops, there are numerous avenues to explore. Interacting with people isn’t just about providing therapy or direct services; it's about building relationships, offering guidance, and facilitating growth and healing in others.

This can be particularly rewarding and effective in generating online income if you create structured programs or sessions that can be delivered multiple times or on an ongoing basis.

I understand how many therapists are burnout and one reason is from being what I called “peopled out. For those of us, I understand wanting to avoid this option. This option will also always be an active income stream.

Active income is income earned as a direct result of a specific effort. Meaning it depends on YOU doing an activity. Active income can involve trading time for money.

But think if you were able to provide help to people “on your own terms”. I personally go back and forth on this. I love helping and interacting with others. I love the back and forth and the “ah ha” moments that come from therapy and coaching. But it is very hard to not burnout from taking on the needs and stress of our clients.

a woman presenting

Sharing Knowledge

If you're passionate about educating others and disseminating information, this interest area is ripe with opportunities. Sharing knowledge can take many forms, such as creating online courses, conducting webinars, or starting a podcast. This not only allows you to reach a wider audience but also enables you to package your expertise into consumable formats that can be sold or accessed through subscription models. The key here is to identify what unique knowledge you can offer and how best to deliver it to those who need it.

By starting with a clear understanding of your primary interest and enjoyment, you lay a solid foundation for your onine income journey. This clarity will guide your decisions and help you to select an income stream that not only generates revenue but also brings personal fulfillment and makes a positive impact in your professional field.

Person using a computer

Step 2: Explore Specific Online Income Streams

Once you have identified your primary interest, the next step is to delve deeper into the specific online income opportunities within that category. This exploration is critical in turning your passion and expertise into a viable income source.

Understanding if your choice has the option to earn passive income can affect your future income as well.


If your primary interest is writing, consider these specific avenues:

Ebooks and Books

Writing a book or ebook can be an excellent way to consolidate your knowledge and experiences into a single, comprehensive guide that others can learn from. These written works can cover a wide range of topics, from specific therapeutic techniques to broader wellness concepts.


Establishing a blog allows for regular writing on various subjects, helping to build a loyal audience and establish a strong online presence. Monetizing a blog can be done through advertising, affiliate marketing programs, or sponsored content.

Content Creation

Writing for online platforms, magazines, or educational sites can also be lucrative. This can include creating specialized content for other professionals in your field or accessible materials for the general public.

Interacting with People

For those who thrive on interaction, there are multiple paths to consider:

Life Coaching

As a life coach, you can offer guidance and support to individuals seeking personal growth, career advancement, or improved mental health.

Parent Coaching

This niche focuses on assisting parents with the challenges of raising children, offering strategies and support to improve family dynamics.

While therapists (or anyone for that matter) do not need certifications to become a life coach. I found the courses at Transformation academy to be really helpful before starting out.

Get Certified and Add Life Coaching to your Therapy Practice.

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While I am not a traditional life coach currently, it has helped me in my group coaching program, and now membership to understand the ideas behind life coaching. I had taken a MUCH more expensive program that helped therapists move from therapist to coach, but I would not recommend that.

It is important to build a business plan for your life coaching or parent coaching business before venturing out on your own though. Build your coaching business.


Working as a consultant for businesses or educational institutions to develop wellness programs or improve organizational health can be very rewarding.

Group Coaching Programs and Workshops

Designing and facilitating group sessions on specific topics allows for scalable income, as these can be delivered to many clients simultaneously.

Sharing Knowledge

If your strength or desire lies in sharing knowledge and educational content, here are tailored passive income streams that could be highly effective for you. You can do this by creating your own online store.

Information Sheets

Develop and distribute information sheets that offer concise, valuable information on specific topics. These can be sold individually or as part of a bundle, catering to both professionals seeking quick references and individuals looking for targeted advice.


Launch a podcast where you can delve into various subjects, sharing your expertise, experiences, and insights. This platform allows for a wide reach, connecting with listeners globally and establishing you as a thought leader in your field. You can monetize a podcast through sponsorships, ads and affiliate marketing.

Online Courses

Create and market online courses to educate and train people on particular areas of expertise. This medium lets you build comprehensive, structured learning paths that can benefit learners worldwide, providing both synchronous and asynchronous engagement.

Video Creation/YouTube

Produce educational videos or start a YouTube channel to share your knowledge visually. This format is highly engaging and can cater to a broad audience, from students to professionals looking for visual and dynamic learning experiences. Learn more about the youtube partner program.


Design and sell worksheets that offer practical exercises and guidance in your area of expertise. These resources can be used by individuals or by other professionals in their practice, offering a hands-on approach to learning and development. You can sell these products on Etsy, Teachers pay Teachers or even kindle direct publishing.

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Develop specialized spreadsheets that offer tools for analysis, budgeting, planning, or other purposes relevant to your field. These can be particularly valuable for professionals looking to streamline their work processes and for individuals seeking to manage specific aspects of their lives or businesses. Check out Spreadsheetables to learn how to sell spreadsheets.

Memberships: Establish a membership platform where subscribers can access exclusive content, such as webinars, articles, video tutorials, and more. This creates a community of engaged learners and provides a steady income stream through recurring subscriptions.

Learn to build a membership program.

Each of these avenues not only allows you to leverage your expertise and passion for education but also to create products and services that have the potential to generate ongoing passive income.

My Advice

When deciding which online income stream to pursue, consider factors such as your expertise, market demand, and the resources you have available. It’s also important to think about the scalability of the income stream and how much time you're willing to invest in maintaining it.

By following this decision-making chart, you can systematically assess and select an online income stream that best fits your interests and professional goals. Whether it's through writing, interacting with others, or sharing knowledge, there are numerous pathways to generating additional income while making a positive impact in the field.

Recommended Online Marketplaces for therapists

Do you want to learn where you can sell your digital products?

My biggest piece of advice is to pick an online income stream that fits your strengths and ultimate goals. My ultimate goal was to work online from my computer in a condo overlooking the beach. I wanted minimal people interaction on a regular basis while working 3 days a week.

I selected writing and started blogging at From there I added coaching to hone in my program The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap. This was more active income than I liked, and I eventually turned it into a membership.

It is so important to understand that starting any of these income streams takes TIME. You need to pick one and stick to it. Bouncing around, and following those who tell you that it will be quick will only hurt you. It just takes time but all of these streams can make you enough money to eventually replace your full time income.

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