Easy Additions For Your Teletherapy Sessions!

Here are three of my favorite easy additions to use today during your teletherapy sessions! They are so simple to use during screen share! They were built into the first therapy platform I worked with, but you can use them in a new window so your clients can easily see them during sessions.

Be creative, and if you leave me a comment on how you used these features, I will add them to my idea pages!


Spinner for Online Teletherapy Games

The spinner can be used in so many ways. I made an example with numbers, but you can use letters for writing, words, body movements, etc. I like how easy this one is to change what is on the spinner. Open in a new window and screen share!

Click here

Dice for Online Teletherapy Games

Click Here to open the page with Dice to screen share! Use the settings wheel to change how many dice are rolled! I really like using dice to decide how many of something the children are asked to do during a session. They can also be used for how many times to write a letter, etc.

Stopwatch and Timer

These can be used as a stopwatch (count-up) or a timer (count-down). I love to use these with kids who want to know when the session will be over! Or how long they need to work on a nonpreferred activity!

Click here



I have not tried this online but it may be fun to use during sessions!

Click here


I hope you find these additions to your online teletherapy sessions helpful!

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