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Now Let's Work on your FINANCIAL Independence Plan

6 Money Saving Tips for Contractors Financial Independence Plan

Let's face it. Most OTs are not super into financials, numbers, and money. If you are familiar with my OT products, you know I love templates and systems! This is how I got started also working on finances. And how I can help you work on your financial independence plan.

We develop a Road to Independence for our clients. Let's use this knowledge to build a path to your FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

I become a pediatric occupational therapist because I love to help people and I LOVE working with children. It was just the natural fit. I did not want to be a teacher (my mother was one) because I like to work 1:1 with children and families. Not in groups. (Thank goodness I knew that early enough because I was just tortured with group work in OT school!) 

But I have also always been very mathematically inclined and even more so with computers. My mother was a math teacher who transitioned into teaching computers. And my dad was an engineering/economics major who also transitioned into computers. Numbers and data, I love them!

Over the last 5 years, I ran not one, but two six-figure businesses.

As a therapy practice owner and as a babysitting franchise owner. I did the bookkeeping, accounting, financial planning, I even did the taxes.

But I was lost. I was truly unhappy and wasn't sure why.

I wanted to know if I could afford to quit or take a more fulfilling job. I wanted to know how much money I really needed to make. I wanted to know if we could someday retire early and do something more fun (my husband wants to work at Disney World!) I wanted to know if my husband could take a different job to stop driving so far to work and be available more for our family.

Then I realized the only way out of this situation was financial planning. I went deep into the financial world. I devoured all the information out there on the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement, Profit First, and so much more I can not count. The more I learned, the more I realized I had not known. Things I wish I had known. From how to save money on taxes as a contractor to how to save money on travel.

And I knew I had to make a change. We sold the franchise and I started mentoring pediatric OTs. I had missed the 1:1 interactions. I realized I love bringing people through a transformation (sounds like a typical therapist right?).

Now I want to bring both things I love together. OTs and Finances. I want to help other OTs and rehab professionals build their own road to financial independence.

Money Tips for Occupational Therapists

Let's Start Building Your Road to a Financial Freedom

Our OT knowledge teaches us to use activity analysis and to assist with a road to independence for our clients. Let's use these skills to build a path to your financial independence! 

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