How to Scan Using Your iPhone for FREE!

These step by step directions will show you how to easily scan documents using your iPhone for FREE! No need to get a special app, pay for one, or even buy a scanner! It is super easy to scan via NOTES.

Once you scan documents using your iPhone, you can then upload them to your computer and use them on your online platform during screen share.

1 – Open notes

2 – Add new note – Press the pencil in the bottom right corner

3 – Press Camera – 0n the bottom

4 – Press Scan Documents

5 – Hold Camera over the paper to scan until it turns yellow

6 – Take a photo

7 – Drag corners if needed

8 – Press Keep Scan

9 – Press save

Then you are done scanning your documents on your iPhone for FREE! You have successfully saved a PDF version of your worksheet!

Next, upload it to your computer folder where you are keeping your materials. If needed EMAIL it to yourself so it is on your work computer.

Leave me a message if this helped or if you have any questions!

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