How to Start a Mommy and Me Class: For Developmental Professionals


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How to Start a Mommy and Me Class

Are you looking to start a side business that uses your occupational therapy knowledge? No paperwork? No productivity? And be your own boss? Then maybe having a mommy and me class business running mommy and me classes is for you!

Babies @ Play: Running Mom & Baby Classes Made Easy

In this article, I am going to review the course Babies @ Play: Running Mom & Baby Classes Made Easy by Kaili Ets that I personally completed on how to run a mom and baby class.

I met Kaili several years ago. She is an expert on infant development. She had this wonderful idea to run mom-and-baby programs. Her classes focus on supporting moms and infant development.

What did I love about the Mom & baby playgroup course?

Starting a business can be overwhelming for a newer therapist. But this course is so much more than just telling you how to run mom and baby classes.

I loved the thorough review of infant development included in this course. It really can stand on its own as a CEU course. I also love that this course gives you a curriculum AND lesson plans. You really can get started right away!

Great infant classes should be so much more than a teenager running a class somewhere like Gymboree!

Who is Babies @ Play: Running Mom & Baby Classes Made Easy for?

For pediatric therapists and post-natal professionals who are looking to run mommy and baby classes. It is for therapists who want to have a curriculum and lesson plans to quickly jump into offering infant development and bonding activity groups. And have a basic understanding of what it means to run your own business.

However, I just loved Kaili's infant development materials I would also recommend it for any therapist transitioning into early intervention.

Who is this course not for?

Even though Kaili does a great job reviewing infant development, I would recommend several years of experience as a therapist working with children before taking this course.

What will I learn in Babies @ Play: Running Mom & Baby Classes Made Easy?

You will learn everything you need to run your first successful mom-and-baby playgroup!

What does the course include?

The course has modules on: infant development, attachment & regulation, sensory processing, and primitive reflexes, mama pain points. Ideas for mommy and me classes, mommy and me lesson plans and mommy and me class curriculum, and also information on running your new business.

The course includes:

  • Video Lessons
  • Workbook
  • Parent handouts

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know on how to run baby playgroup meetings. Kaili even includes video examples of her activities and classes.

What is a mommy and me group?

A mommy and me class is a class for parents (usually moms) and their children. The age of the kid varies. This course focuses on running classes for babies ages newborn (6 weeks) to 18 months. It is appropriate for running classes for infants and toddlers.

A mommy and me group is a gathering of mothers and their young children. These groups provide an opportunity for mothers to socialize and bond with their children, as well as meet other mothers in their community. Mommy and me groups typically meet on a weekly basis, and they often include activities such as story time, crafts, and singing. In addition to being a fun way to spend time with your child, mommy and me groups can also be a great source of support for parents. These groups can provide a much-needed break from the challenges of parenting, and they can offer advice and guidance on everything from breastfeeding to potty training. Whether you're a new mother or an experienced parent, a mommy and me group can be a valuable resource.

What are the benefits of mommy and me classes?

There are so many benefits to running a baby playgroup. These include stimulation for the baby and mother, a group of peers for both the mom and baby, and support for the new mother as they navigate the developmental stages.

Mommy and me classes offer a unique opportunity for bonding between mother and child. In a relaxed and supportive environment, mothers and their babies can explore sensory play, music, and movement. These classes provide an important opportunity for social interaction, helping babies to develop essential communication skills.

For mothers, mommy and me classes offer a chance to meet other parents and to find support and advice. As any parent knows, raising a child can be a demanding and isolating experience. Mommy and me classes provide an important opportunity to connect with other parents and to create lasting relationships.

Taking a class fun by a developmental professional brings these classes to the next level of support.

What do you need to run a baby playgroup business?

Running a playgroup can be very rewarding. You get to meet parents in the area and help socialize with their children. However, it does take some work to get everything set up and running smoothly. Here are a few things you'll need to take care of before you can open your doors:

In this course, you will learn what you need to run a baby sensory class or a playgroup. Such as:

  • Location – therapy clinic, community center, or church are good options.
  • Supplies and toys such as a parachute
  • Activities/Lesson plans
  • Marketing Materials- You will need ways to find parents and children to join your playgroup.

Learn more about starting your own OT business.

What age is this curriculum for?

The mommy and me curriculum is for newborns, infants, and 1-year-olds to 18 months of age.

Will I earn CEUs?


What format is the course taught in?

The lessons are in video format.

Is the course live or self-study?


Who is the author of this course?

Kaili Ets is the author of this course. She is a pediatric occupational therapist who has successfully run baby and mom classes herself.

How do I take the course?

Use the code TVPOT for $50 off the Babies @ Play: Running Mom & Baby Classes Made Easy

Would I be ready to run my own mom and me group classes after taking this course?

Absolutely! It is all ready to go! Just look for your location and get started!

The Mom and baby course includes a very thorough review of infant development. I learned quite a bit in this part of the course as it is presented in a different way than the NDT and disability-focused courses I have taken in the past.

Kaili also does a fabulous job explaining the WHY of each of the mommy and me activities you will do with the moms and babies in the class.

If you take this course, let me know what you think! I would love to support you with a link if you start your program!


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