9 Occupational Therapy Memes That Made Me Chuckle

Everyone loves a good meme. But I don't always think they are funny! But these are. Do you see a trend? It is pretty clear that not many understand exactly what we do! Here are 9 occupational therapy memes that are sure to make you smile, nod your head in agreement, and maybe even inspire you to create your own. April is OT month, enjoy!

occupational therapy memes

Occupational therapy can be a challenging and rewarding field, and sometimes a little bit of humor can go a long way in keeping therapists and their clients motivated. Memes have become a popular way to express sentiments and ideas in a humorous way, and occupational therapy is no exception.

From poking fun at the struggles of documentation to celebrating the joys of progress and growth, there are plenty of memes out there that capture the essence of occupational therapy.

Yes, sure we get people jobs, lol. Sometimes I do not have the energy to correct them!

Nice to meet you. I'm an occupational therapist. Oh, good, we need more of you guys with the way the economy is and so many people needing jobs
OT meme: You know you'r an occupational therapist when you analyze children at the park based on the way they play in the sandbox.

When you are an OT and have young kids, it is so hard to put the analysis aside and just watch, enjoy, and PLAY!

Who has had one of those IEP meetings??? Oh boy, they are a doozie, right??

OT meme: Honey, I know they said to prepare for an IEP meeting, but don't you think this is a bit extreme?
Billy, Listen, I'm tactile Seeking and your tactile defensive. Either we go see an Occupational therapist or this relationship is over.

When the tactile-seeking child won't stop touching the tactile defensive child in the daycare you service.

Austin, why do they call you the international man of mystery? Because I'm an occupational therapist. No one know what I do

We show up at a client's door or bedside and they all want to know why we are there. What is your role? I think we need to make a recording!

Woohoo!! But has anyone actually had this happen??

when someone you just met says they know what occupational therapy is and they're actually right!

There is always room for a little humor! These 9 occupational therapy memes highlight the joys and challenges of the field in a way that is relatable and entertaining. Whether you're a practicing occupational therapist or someone considering a career in this field, these memes are a reminder that you're not alone in your experiences.

They also demonstrate how social media and internet culture can be a powerful tool for sharing knowledge and building community in unexpected ways. So the next time you're feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, take a break and enjoy a few of these memes – they might just give you the motivation you need to keep pushing forward.

Do you have a favorite occupational therapy meme?

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