Start the Year with Inspiration from these Occupational Therapy Session Videos!

Looking for some fresh ideas on how to structure your virtual occupational therapy sessions for the new school year?

Check out these Teletherapy Sample Session Videos!

Teletherapy can be very isolating. It is really important to surround yourself with other therapists. These can be therapists you can call or text with or ones in Facebook groups. One of my favorite things, when I worked in a clinic, is seeing other therapists treat their clients. I always recommend that new therapists start in settings they can do this, for at least 2 years.

But what about with teletherapy? When I was a teletherapist for Presence Learning there were very few other OTs. I did however work with several amazing SLPs I was able to learn from. Right now there are so many more resources out there for teletherapists I wish I had access to! Including these great videos!

Presence Learning Occupational Therapy Session Video

One of the first videos showing how online virtual OT works. We have come a long way with therapists doing teletherapy in the last 3 months!

TelehealthShare Occupational Therapy Session Video

Sample pediatric OT telehealth session (5 min.) using screen sharing and annotation with maze book 

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Planning Time for Telehealth

Enable My Child Occupational Therapy Session Video

I hope these occupational therapy session videos give you some inspiration for the upcoming school year!

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