Occupational Therapy Teletherapy Training!

Resources for teletherapy Occupational Therapy CEU and training! Looking to learn more about OT teletherapy in general, or specific treatments? These continuing education courses are related to the teletherapy model and also specific treatment techniques. The Facebook groups provide both support for learning about teletherapy and also for activity resources.

Overall, even though so many OTs were thrown into teletherapy this school year, online training opportunities are not easy to find. Here is my evolving list of training opportunities.

Courses for Teletherapy Occupational Therapy

Telehealth OT Master Course

Written by the author of The Telehealth OT by Olivera

This course is designed to help you learn how to get started in telehealth

Learn Play Thrive

Parent Coaching in Teletherapy Context

Free 45 minute webinar to teach you the skills you need to plan, structure, and execute your teletherapy OT sessions using parent coaching with confidence and ease, even if you've never worked with parents or done therapy virtually.


Medbridge offers the following introduction to Teletherapy Course. They offer school-based therapy courses as well. I love that they offer unlimited access for a 12-month subscription!

Use the code VPOT which gets you $175 off the regular full price of an individual subscription. For the discounted price of $200, you get access to all their online continuing education.

Telehealth: An Introduction to Virtual Care

This Continuing Education a video series written by a PT. You can watch the first three chapters and download the Introduction to Telehealth patient handout for Free.


PESI offers multiple different online CEUs related to teletherapy.

Move Play Thrive

Brain and Sensory Foundations

While this training is not specifically retaliated to Teletherapy, I have been told that the exercises are able to be done remotely. I have not personally taken this course, but have decided to include it on TVPOT site, as online RMT courses are hard to fine. If you take it, please send me feedback! I hope to take it in the future!

According to the author: This course gives you tools for transformation. Real and lasting help for sensory processing issues, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, learning delays, speech, and social-emotional skills!

Facebook Groups for Teletherapy Occupational Therapy

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with other teletherpists and collect ideas for treatment sessions.

Telehealth OT

This group was created by Reina Olivera for all occupational therapists interested in learning about telehealth. Whether you are looking for a telehealth job, wanting to add telehealth to your private practice, or wanting to start your own telehealth practice. It has been a wealth of information on telehealth For OTs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pediatric OT Telehealth Activities

This group was created by Mary Kostka to create a library of activities to use in telehealth. If you are not a member of this group, I highly recommend it. It is a wealth of ideas!

Books for Teletherapy Occupational Therapy

The Telehealth OT

This book is written by Reina Olivera who also runs the Telehealth OT Facebook group

Telehealth 101

From Your Therapy Source written by Melanie Criss OTD, OTR/L 

Resources from ASHA

While these resources are not directly OT related, I decided to include them as they cover some different topics related to teletherapy.

Telehealth Resources

Finding Occupational Therapy CEU and trainings specifically on teletherapy for occupational therapy was not easy! However in this expanding area of practice the resources continue to be developed.

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