Advantages of a Consistent Session Structure in Pediatric Occupational Therapy Treatment

How to Plan Pediatric OT Sessions.  Created by Michele Schwartz MS, OTR/L

How does having a consistent session structure help in pediatric occupational therapy treatment?  How can this help decrease planning in occupational therapy sessions? Plus increase our daily note documentation speed?

Do your OT sessions have a consistent flow and structure?  Are you planning each session individually? Are you using a TON of activities?  

Why is this Super Individualized Treatment a Bad Idea? 

We are supposed to individualize treatment for each child as an OT right?  Yes, but not necessarily the way you may think.  

What happens when you hyper-individualize?

1 – Planning is taking just too long. 

2 – We can’t grade the activity during the session because the activity is just too complicated

3 –  We can’t remember what we did when we go to document, because we did so so many activities during the day/week.

How Can We Decrease Planning Time? Which is So Crucial to Decrease Burn-out in Today's OT Practice?

How does having a consistent structure help?

1 – Shorter planning time.  If all of our sessions flow in the same order, you can take less time planning.

2 – Easier note writing.  If you are using the same activities as a base of your sessions, you can more easily remember each child's performance to document a better daily note.

3 – Easier to use activity analysis (see my article here!) and provide the ‘just right challenge’ during sessions. Why? Because more time and energy are left to work on activity analysis and grading of the activity during the session.

What is Meant by a Consistent Structure and Using Less Activities?  

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