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  • The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap

    The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap

    STREAMLINE Your Pediatric Occupational Therapy Planning and Documentation to Become MORE Efficient, Confident and Fulfilled in Your OT Career and LIFE What Will it Take to Become the Amazing Pediatric Occupational Therapist You DREAMED of being? Join The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap Waitlist You love kids and thought you would love pediatric OT practice, but…

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  • Digital Products for Therapists

    Digital Products For Therapists

    How to Make Money Online as a Therapist

    Are you a therapist looking to make money online? Not sure where to start but want to get started selling digital products? Then this course is perfect for you! You will learn about different types of digital products and where to sell them.
    It seems like everyone is making money online these days, but what should YOU make?  Where should you post it?  In March of 2020 I started selling my OT Goals books online.  In 2022 I sold over $4000 of digital products online!  You just need to know what to sell and where to sell it.  I’m here to teach you how.
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  • work with me

    Occupational Therapy Mentoring Sessions

    Become a Confident Fulfilled Pediatric Occupational Therapist with Accelerating Pediatric OTs Empowering Pediatric Occupational Therapists to Become Efficient, Confident, and Fulfilled so you can Achieve Balance and Love Your Job! Schedule Free Initial Meeting! You love kids and want to love pediatric OT practice, but it is overwhelming without guidance What people say “I really…

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  • Sale! Fast, easy complete pediatric OT daily soap note template

    Build Your OT Toolbox: Pediatric Occupational Therapy Daily Documentation


    Looking to simplify your pediatric occupational therapy documentation?  Learn how to write OT SOAP notes for pediatrics that are fast, easy and complete!

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