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What people say

“I really loved that you are very down to earth and easy to talk to. I always felt safe expressing my fears and discussing ideas with you. Technology was easy to use (payment, navigating website, accessing google meet appointments). Through this experience, I was able to grow a lot and be more versatile with my treatments and it pushed me to think outside the box.”
LauraMS, OTR/L
” I worked with Michele as a Physical Therapy Assistant for her company. Michele’s temperament and professionalism puts patients and students at ease. She has the required skills knowledge to provide an evidence based approach to provide recommendations that will optimally meet individual needs. Her years of experience will also bring a wealth of knowledge to anyone she is mentoring. She demonstrates strong integrity and problem solving skills. She gives every patient and staff her full attention. In closing, Michele will make an excellent mentor and any facility will be lucky to have her.”
Shannel WrightPhysical Therapy Assistant
“I enjoyed the opportunity to have an open conversation about the reality of being a new grad. You asked some difficult questions but also gave me some tips and reassurance about things I wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable talking about with a colleague.”
New Grad Pediatric OT
“I worked both for Michele as an employee in her company as well as a therapy team member with our pediatric clients. I specifically applied for a PT position with her company because of the ethical and professional reputation they had created. I enjoyed working with her in a team approach with our clients because she had years of expertise in her field and a willingness to share and teach not only our clients but other team members. Michele listened to professional issues of clients/employees and responded with caring and practical suggestions.”
Jennifer KempPhysical Therapist
“Throughout my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several Occupational Therapists. Michele is among one of the best OTs I have had the privilege to work with. Her professionalism, creativity and clinical expertise is invaluable to all that have the opportunity to work with her.”
Jennifer MullerMS, CCC-SLP
“Michele is a wonderful therapist. I could see from day one working with my child the passion she has for helping children and their families overcome obstacles. She has a nurturing, friendly personality, and goes out of her way to help her families find the tools needed for enrichment and growth. Michele is an excellent educator instilling therapies, skills, and ideas to maintain progress. She has good judgment and shows great determination whenever a difficult task is put in front of her. I never saw Michele stressed out or frustrated.
Michele is a strong-minded, energetic, capable individual who will be an amazing coach.”
Mom of Child with Autism
“I am honored to recommend Michele to work with other families. She worked with all 3 of my children for several years. She is very understanding of families needs, treats each child as an individual, and has an extensive knowledge on how to treat them. She is an expert in the field and helped my boys so much! When I was looking for a new OT several years later, I reached out as I immediately hoped she was available again to work with our family.”
Mom of Premature Triplets

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Michele Schwartz, MS, OTR/L

Michele Schwartz

Have you ever felt like you are not doing the best you can for your clients? Then chances are you can relate.

I want to take you back to when I started as a pediatric OT. I always wanted to work in pediatrics but I didn’t have a chance to do a traditional pediatric fieldwork.

I started my first job in a pediatric clinic with only fieldwork experience in a child psych unit. How was I supposed to use what I learned in OT school in this new setting? I had the zest to learn and was constantly reading, but I didn’t have confidence talking to other disciplines and parents. I even had a parent question the goals I was working on! I constantly questioned if I was doing the best for my clients. I even started questioning if I was cut out to be a pediatric OT! All that money lost on OT school, what would I do? Have YOU ever had that experience?

Then it changed. My co-worker came back from maternity leave and they hired another OT. I had co-workers! We ran cases by each other. I had guidance on what to learn next. We worked on session structure and goal banks.

And that is when I realized templates and mentorship are the FASTEST ways to increase treatment planning and documentation speed, so you can become efficient, confident, and achieve balance and love your job!

I still remember those first few years as an OT like yesterday. I know I was very lucky to work in an environment where I had constant access to observe and ask questions to, not only other OTs but PTs, teachers, and SLPs as well. Even with this support, I remember reading an article entitled “To Burn Out and Back. My first 2 years as an OT” out loud with my co-worker. We laughed so hard as we could relate so much.

Nowadays I know a lot of OTs are not as lucky to have built-in mentorship and support with their first jobs. Some are all alone doing home visits, or the only OT working in clinics. However, you also have the advantage of so much information at your fingertips on the internet. But at times that too can be overwhelming.

One reason I chose to become an OT is the great variety in settings. We are always learning and it is never boring! I have been lucky to work in many pediatric OT settings. An inpatient psychiatric hospital, special education private school, public schools, early intervention, home care, pediatric clinics, and teletherapy. I was also the owner of an early intervention home care company.

Over the years, I took every opportunity to mentor other therapists. Students, new OTs (one who was 20 years older and on her 2nd career!), I worked as my school district’s fieldwork coordinator and even mentored therapists of other disciplines as a practice owner.

When we sold our childcare business this year, I knew I wanted to work with special needs families again. But not necessarily in the role of a practice owner or therapist. But how?

I have grown to see how important mentorship is. It is the fastest way for new therapists to become confident, efficient, and fulfilled. Everyone needs a mentor to talk to, someone to assure them they are on the right track, and to guide them to think differently. Someone in their corner to help them grow.

That is why I love being a mentor. I love the energy new therapists bring, and their zest to learn. I love having an impact on children and families (right here from my computer!), even though I am not the therapist working with them directly. And I love seeing new therapists grow their confidence.

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