Sensory Processing Resources for Occupational Therapy Sessions

There are many good sensory processing resources you can screen share during online virtual teletherapy sessions with your students. Here are a few sensory processing activities that I have used during OT sessions.

Sensory Processing Programs

Zones of Regulation

The book comes with PDFs which once uploaded make a sensory processing online program for middle and high schoolers easy to complete online

Emotional Regulation Activities

Minecraft Zones

Emojis, Star Wars, Pokemon and Inside Out Zones!

Alert Program

Tools To Grow OT

There are lots of different resources on this site!



SuperStretch – free app

Breath, Think, Do with Sesame – I love this app for younger children!

Sensory Processing YouTube Videos for Therapy Sessions

Cosmic Yoga

Rainbow Breathing

Go Noodle

Slime Videos such as this one

Reflex integration videos

Sensory Processing Youtube Videos for Parent Activities

Sensory Seeds – 1-minute videos of activities parents can do with young children

Other Ideas

Stop/Go or Red Light/Green Light Games

Freeze Dance

Bubble Blower – how to make a fun bubble blower

Download free brainbreak worksheets from Your Therapy Source! These work well with on screen dice.

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