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Do You Dream of Creating More Income as a Rehabilitation Professional?

I want to help you get there! If you want to make money online as a rehabilitation professional, you have come to the right place!

Not Sure Where to Start on Your Online Income Journey?

Check out the decision making tree: Therapists Can Create Online Income: A Decision-Making Chart for Therapists

Understand Active versus Passive Income so you can make the best choice for your business ideas.

Want to Start Creating Digital Downloads?

Step by Step Guide to Selling Digital Downloads For Therapists

Ultimate Guide to Creating and Selling Digital Products for Rehabilitation Professionals

Attention Rehabilitation Professionals Who Want to Create a Passive Income Stream Through Digital Products

Become a digital product creator FAST & start making money from home!

Want to Sell Products on Amazon KDP?

Everything you Need to Get Started Selling Digital Products on Amazon KDP

Exploring the Range of Products You Can Publish on KDP for Passive Income

Getting Paid: Pricing and Understanding Royalties on KDP

Created a digital product and are looking to make more sales?

Why Rehabilitation Professional Digital Product Creators Should Embrace Affiliate Marketing

Looking for Side Hustle Ideas?

Ultimate Guide to Pediatric Occupational Therapist Side Hustles

How to Start a Mommy and Me Class: For Developmental Professionals

Yes, a Therapist Can be a Life Coach!

Get Certified and Add Life Coaching to your Therapy Practice.

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Need Help with your Career as a Rehabilitation Professional?

How to Build Wealth on a Therapist’s Salary

Fostering Independence is What Occupational Therapy is All About

Do you Run a Therapy Private Practice?

6 Steps How to Start an Occupational Therapy Business

Starting your Therapy Website: Mastering the Basics

Why Rehab Therapy Practices Need to Optimize their Digital Presence

Client Acquisition as a Therapy Practice Owner

Michele Schwartz pediatric occupational therapist

About Michele

I am a pediatric occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience in many different pediatric OT settings including schools, clinics, home health, early intervention, and teletherapy (prior to 2020!).  I have my master’s in occupational therapy from Tufts University and my bachelor’s in Psychology from Binghamton University.  I am a certified life coach and certified business coach.  I was an early intervention agency owner and also owned a childcare franchise.  I now mentor occupational therapists online and love my job!

What Others Say

WOW- packed with info and love all the action steps. GREAT JOB- very impressed with the amount of info!
Canva Creations with Pam
Since I went through and used your formula less than 48 hours ago, I've gotten FOUR new members!! And I haven't done anything different, with advertising/marketing
Membership Creator
Thank you so much for that feedback. Do you charge for this type of coaching and feedback. Because it is really good.
OT Content Creator
The course is great! It is very thorough and easy to follow. It can work for anyone but the niche is awesome. Most OT's have no idea that they can make passive income. The 50 printable ideas is a great addition!