Starting your Therapy Website: Mastering the Basics

Welcome fellow therapists to a guide that will empower you to create a successful and user-friendly therapy website design that connects with your audience and shares invaluable insights.

Starting your therapy webstie

Every therapy practice needs a digital online presence. There are several ways to accomplish this. It can be a Facebook page or a Google My Business Listing. But as your practice grows, or you are looking to move into the online space with courses or products or blogging, it is essential to have a website.

This is where a lot of therapists get stuck. I recently spoke to a therapist who has been paying for an online platform for a year and hadn't successfully set it up for sales!

Don't let technology overwhelm you; I have got you covered! In this post, I'll delve into essential steps that will help you build a robust online presence and foster growth and engagement.

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Start your Therapy Website Design on WordPress

Yes, I know WordPress is intimidating and their website builder is not the easiest to navigate, but trust me. If you want website visitors, this is where you want your website. I have gone from not knowing what I was doing to having almost 20,000 pageviews a month on

Pick an Appropriate Domain

Go to NameCheap and look for a domain. Ideally, use your business name. But if that is not available pick something easily memorable, spellable, and appropriate for your company. Also, prioritize the .com version.

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Prioritize a Reliable Website Host

Think of your website host as the foundation of your virtual sanctuary. To ensure a seamless experience for your visitors, opt for a reputable hosting provider with stellar customer support. I recommend BigScoots for your hosting.

My endorsement is genuine because I have personally used and loved their services. Keep in mind that you can always switch hosts if you find a better fit, and most hosting companies will assist in transferring your site effortlessly. What I do not recommend is Blue Host.

Embrace Lightweight and Customizable Themes

The theme you choose significantly impacts your visitors' experience. Select a lightweight theme with efficient code to ensure smooth navigation and loading times. Furthermore, opt for a theme that offers extensive customization options with simple templates.

Kadence is an excellent choice, as it is lightweight, user-friendly, and highly flexible. By utilizing Kadence, I observed an increase in SEO rankings, making your website more discoverable on search engines. Start with the free version to explore its benefits firsthand.


Don't get sucked into adding plug-ins to your website. When you are ready to try and increase SEO and website visitors then consider using popular options like Rank Math for SEO optimization and Smush for compressing image file sizes, which significantly improves loading speed.

Prioritize Done over Perfect

So many either pay a fortune for their website or get stuck on it being perfect. Done is better than perfect here!

Seek Help When Needed

As your website grows, managing themes and plug-in updates becomes crucial. Regular updates improve security and introduce new features. While occasional conflicts are common, there's no need to panic. If handling these technical aspects makes you uneasy, consider enlisting professional help. Hiring experts to manage updates and maintenance ensures a smoothly running website, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality content.

Join Passive Income Pathways and learn to set your website up right with Blogging 101. Sadie's step-by-step instructions make WordPress a WHOLE lot simpler! Whether you just want to set up a website for your in-person business or you want to dip into the world of blogging and digital products. This is where I recommend you start.

Congratulations! Armed with these foundational insights, you're now a tech-savvy therapy business owner ready to conquer the digital world. Remember to choose a reliable hosting provider, embrace lightweight and customizable themes, and don't hesitate to seek professional assistance when needed.

Your website will become a user-friendly, engaging platform where you can connect with your audience, schedule appointments, share valuable insights, and make a positive impact on their lives.

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