How do you Incorporate a VISUAL Component into Vestibular Integration Activities?

Vestibular integration activities are one of my very favorite treatment techniques as an occupational therapist! Improved function in many different areas can be seen by activating the vestibular system and incorporating a visual component.

For children who are either over-reactive or under-reactive to vestibular input incorporating a VISUAL component into vestibular activities is essential.

This includes children with various sensory processing difficulties and also children with autism.

Vestibular Visual Auditory Triad

The vestibular, visual, and auditory systems work closely together. I have seen these 3 systems also referred to as the learning triangle. One way to improve function is to work on vestibular activities. Integrating vestibular with a visual component is even more effective.

My favorite way to incorporate this is on a swing and including a visual component with an object such as bean bags or puzzle pieces (picking up, placing in buckets, matching to colors, throwing at targets, etc). ⁠

Many other activities are possible without suspended equipment that can be done in the home or even over teletherapy!

One of my favorite higher-level vestibular activities in occupational therapy, without suspended equipment, is to have a child stand with their back to a wall. Place colors (or stickers) at multiple heights on the wall on each side of the child and ask them to twist and touch different colors with the opposite hand. Video to come!

What are your favorite occupational therapy vestibular activities?

How can you grade these vestibular integration activities with your clients?

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