Visual Perceptual Activities for Occupational Therapy Sessions

There are great visual perceptual activities for therapy sessions out there. These can be websites, apps or worksheets. A lot of learning websites and apps have a visual or visual perceptual component. These activities can be easily completed over teletherapy sessions but are also appropriate for in-person OT sessions.

Types of Visual Perceptual Abilities

When you are working on visual perceptional skills as the underlying factor impeding participation in a functional tast, it is important to consider which visual perceptual skill is impacted. The following is a list of types of visual perceptual abilities at are tested by the (TVPS-4) Test of Visual Perceptual Skills 4th Edition.

  • Visual discrimination
  • Visual memory
  • Spatial relationships
  • Form constancy
  • Sequential memory
  • Visual figure ground
  • Visual closure

Visual Perceptual Activities for Occupational Therapy Sessions

Figure Ground Activities

Figure ground perception is an important ability. Difficulties can be seen when children can not find ojects in their surroundings, especially in crowded or cluttered environments. Children with these difficulties

Finding Waldo and other Books

There are some of my favorite activies for working on figure ground.

Find the Object Worksheets and Word Searches

Pencil Copying Worksheets

Mazes and Puzzles

Mazes and puzzles can be used both online and in person. Part of using mazes and puzzles in therapy sessions (thus making us different than teachers and parents) is making sure we are selecting the activity to have the ‘Just Right Challenge‘.

Mazes and puzzles encourage the development visual perceptual abilties along with problem-solving and helps to foster critical thinking skills. As the child works through the puzzle or maze, they will be required to use visual scanning, visual motor skills, motor planning, along with cognitive problem solving abilities. Mazes also work on eye hand coordination and handwriting.

Design copying activities

There are many different types of design copying toys. Look for ones that are different than children will find at home or school for therapy sessions. Also look for activites that incorporate other types of materials. Some of my favorites of the years age below.

Websites with Visual Perceptual Activities

Eye Can Learn

Great visual activities that can be screen shared!

Our Visual Brain

Digi Puzzle

Good Sensory Learning

I love these products! So many of them are great for online OT sessions. I have used many of them personally. Look for the ones with free sample activities to download!



PBS Kids

Lists of good Educational Sites that have good activities for therapy

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