Everything You Need to Know about Early Intervention Services

Early intervention is a service that provides support and therapy for children who may be struggling with developmental delays. In most states, the program and services are from birth until a child's 3rd birthday.

Therapy services can help improve your child's development, motor abilities, communication skills, learning abilities, and social skills.

Every state calls the program by a different name such as Early on, Early Steps, First Steps, and Birth to Three.  They also run the program differently.

Do I have to pay for Early Intervention Therapy Services?

No, early intervention therapy services are provided at no cost to families.

How does a child qualify for therapy services?

A child must be evaluated by a qualified professional and found to have a developmental delay or disability in order to qualify for early intervention therapy services.

What types of services are available through Early Intervention?

- Physical Therapy - Occupational Therapy - Speech therapy - Education Services - Vision Services - Hearing Services

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