What do you need to run a baby playgroup business?

By Michele Schwartz, MS, OTR/L

Are you looking to start a side business that uses your knowledge as a developmental professional?

No paperwork? No productivity? And be your own boss? Then maybe having a mommy and me class business running mommy and me classes is for you!

Running a playgroup can be very rewarding. You get to meet parents in the area and help socialize with their children. However, it does take some work to get everything set up and running smoothly.

Here are a few things you’ll need to take care of before you can open your doors.


 You will need a large space such as a therapy clinic, community center, or church are good options.

Supplies and toys

Such as a parachute and large blocks or baby toys.

Activities and Lesson Plans

You will need ways to find parents and children to join your playgroup.

Marketing Materials-

Marketing Materials-

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